Among the Stars: Expanding the Alliance (INGLES)

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Among The Stars: Expanding the Alliance, the second expansion for Among the Stars, provides much additional material to enhance the base game (with or without the Ambassadors expansion), including 46 Locations, 2 Conflict sets, 6 Objectives, 3 Alien Races, 8 Ambassadors, the Alliance Inspection mini-expansion, and additional components to support up to six players.

Components List
46 Special Locations
12 Infestation Conflicts
12 Relocation Conflicts
6 Objectives
4 Ludons Ambassadors
4 Revuarz Ambassadors
6 Alliance Inspections
1 Vak Main Reactor
2 Main Reactors
5 Power Reactors
10 Bureaus
1 Debos Alien Race Tile
1 Nyxtos Alien Race Tile
1 Ludons Alien Race Tile
6 Infestation Tokens
5 Nyxtos Tokens
5 Ludons Tokens
2 Player Markers
1 10-Credit Token
1 5-Credit Token
Energy Cubes
8 Energy Cubes
1x 8-Pages (English)